Kitchen Remodel Chesapeake

Are you looking for a kitchen remodel contractor near you? Knowing The Ropes is among the leading kitchen remodeling companies in Chesapeake. We offer kitchen remodel services ranging from small projects like switching up kitchen cabinets to large kitchen renovations.

When it comes to kitchen projects, there are so many things to consider. A kitchen remodel may involve changing one or more of the following; kitchen cabinets, under-the-cabinet lights, sinks, floors, backsplash, and drawers.

All this can get confusing, which is why your next step after deciding what you want to do with your kitchen should be to call in the experts. Knowing the Ropes Contracting understands home kitchen remodels more than anyone else in Chesapeake. We know what works and what doesn’t, so give us a call to speak to an expert.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Changing your kitchen cabinets will drastically improve the appearance and functionality of your entire kitchen. This is why many Chesapeake homeowners think of kitchen cabinets first when they want to remodel their kitchens.

Kitchen cabinets come in various sizes and designs. As such, expect a breakdown of all the possible designs available when you choose us for your project. In addition, be ready to make a lot of decisions. For instance, you will need to decide on the colors, finishes, height, size, drawers, and so much more.

Don’t let all this overwhelm you. As one of the leading kitchen remodeling companies in Chesapeake Beach, our job is to make your experience a lot simpler by offering our expert advice and recommendations when needed.  You’ll also save on time since you won’t need to research all the different things you can do with your cabinets. We’ve already done that for you.

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Small Kitchen Remodel Little Neck

The small kitchen remodels we’ve completed for homeowners in Little Neck have been some of our most enjoyable. Whether you bought a house with a small kitchen or are looking to give your small rental kitchen space a fresh new look, we are the team to call.

Your kitchen doesn’t need to be big to be awesome. Small families and people who live alone can still get a lot done in their kitchen as long as it’s been designed right. Besides, it is easier to remodel a small kitchen than it is to remodel a large one.

Here are some design ideas for your small kitchen remodel in Chesapeake or Little Neck:

  • Cabinets that are built high (close to your ceiling) coupled with fun and colorful backsplashes.
  • Navy blue or turquoise cabinets. Bright cabinets are a great way to bring color into your kitchen without having to paint a wall.
  • Keep your kitchen cabinets and walls white and use light wood to give the illusion that there is more space than there actually is.
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Kitchen Remodel Contractor Near Me

Looking for a kitchen remodel contractor near you? Look no further! We have trusted contractors with a large portfolio of home remodels and repairs in Sandbridge, Bay Colony, and Lago Mar. If you need to remodel the kitchen in your home in Chesapeake, we’ve got you.

Kitchen Remodeling Companies

KTR Contracting is one of several kitchen remodeling companies that operate in the Hampton Roads area. We advise that you consider the following before starting any kitchen remodel project. These are also the questions you can expect during your initial consultation with us.

  • What’s your budget? We know you always hear this, but it’s very important. You need to decide how much you can set aside to remodel your kitchen and work around that number. This also makes it easier for us to offer our advice on the best design and realistic changes.
  • What do you want most? Most clients have at least some idea of their dream kitchen. Bring us your ideas and we will do our best to make them a reality.
  • What do you need most? This has to do with functionality. Does your family eat a lot from the kitchen? If so, do you need a seating area in or next to your kitchen?

Are you ready to get started on your kitchen remodel project in Chesapeake? Get in touch with us today on 757.689.4910 to speak to a trusted kitchen remodel contractor near you. Let us help you create your dream kitchen.

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